Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rat out or suck up to your coworkers all in one easy spot...

Unvarnished a Site for Rating Coworkers Sparks Controversy

LOL, This is a great idea...


(The original post in it's entirety is [here], from our friends at Time Magazine)

A new website is betting you're willing to dish about your co-worker's job performance just as you would a Netflix movie or an Amazon purchase. The site, dubbed Unvarnished, came out of private beta testing last week and aims to create an open forum to rate professionals in the workplace - for better or for worse.

It's a concept that has caused some controversy, particularly since Unvarnished allows employees to be reviewed anonymously and with no way of removing a negative review. But the co-founders, veterans of sites like LinkedIn and eBay, think there's a market for honest, unfiltered feedback about how individuals perform in their jobs and say their site will ultimately be more useful than the carefully selected job references or curated blurbs on someone's LinkedIn profile. "We're trying to take how professional reputation works in the offline world and port that online," says co-founder Peter Kazanjy. (See YouTube's 50 best viral videos.)

My post:

First of all I'd like to comment on me. I am a thoughtful and considerate coworker fully deserving of all complimentary remarks. I am a beacon of inspiration and my example as a (whaddever-you-callit) should be noticed by all. Hell, I'm so good I'm even betterin me!

Next I'd like to comment on Janet, Donna, Susan and Jane. Those woman are fine in almost every aspect. I say "almost" because they are lacking in only one area. They have failed to notice me as the remarkable and fine example of a man that I am. I do understand that this is supposed to be a professional work place but those fine ladies need to lighten it up a bit, show a little more leg and let the hair down once in a while. Jane should invest in a lower cut blouse or two, Donna should take me out to lunch and try to get a little closer to me because she aint getting any younger and I just might give up on her altogether. Janet and Susan should sit up a little straighter and point those nice firm lovelies out a little bit more, maybe get some heels and show those legs off. I for one know I would be happy to notice and a happy work environment is what we're all striving for (aint it?).

The rest of the guys should shut the hell up and get something done. I don't care that those mama's boys have feelings. I don't even like em. By the way Jeff, I'm the one that called your wife and keyed your car last New Years Eve during the party. You don't like it? Good then, go get a job at McDonalds you loser!

There now. Wasn't that nice? Don't we all feel better now? I know I do.

I hope to see everyone at, except Jeff that is.

B.T.W., Don't believe anything Jeff says about me.

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