Monday, April 5, 2010

Karaoke primer, program, links and samples...

To play these files you need some version of Winamp and the CDG plug-in. Sometimes I can find the plug-in on Nullsoft's site, sometimes I can't. I'll post it with my links below in case you have trouble finding it.

I will post some zip files of a few Karaoke sample items. For these to work properly you must install the Winamp and the CDG plug-in and then unzip both the MP3 and the CDG file in each zip file into the same directory (they need to see each-other together to work. Next you just open the MP3 file in Winamp and double click inside the Karauke window to view it in full screen. Double click again to resize it back to small view when yer done.

Get Winamp for free [here] (I never install the toolbar with it or opt for the free MP3's because a cleaner install works better for me, just un-click the boxes when installing). Click [here] for older versions, 2.6 & 2.81 I liked for speed. 3.01 was the worst one. If you like music visualizations you might want to try out an older version because they seem to run better on them.

The CDG plug-in is [here]


Luther Ingram - If loving you is wrong [here]
The Drifters - Under the boardwalk [here]
The Coasters - Yakity-Yak [here]
The Doobie Brothers - Black Water [here]


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