Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Use Somebody Collaboration-Cover Version of Kings of Leon song

louisemusiclover Sent me this via email and I like it... this is also a link to her YouTube profile --> louisemusiclover

From the email:

This video is only on kind of pay tribute to Kings of Leon band.

We do not want to corrupt any type of copyright. To express this we recorded each track of this song, all that you are listening was recorded by united countries team.

We hope you enjoy.

Composition by: Kings of Leon


Members of united countries on this collab:

Katey (Vocal)

Ferdinando Terada (Guitar)

Laura Anderson (Bass)

Jackie O. (Drums)

"I hope Louise is OK with me posting this to share"

Not bad for a vid made across the boundaries of several countries, huh?

Just because,,, Kings of Leon Version.

Thank you Louise for the hit and Katey you know I love to hear you sing Hon. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much Dave for posting this United Countries Collab ( Use somebody ) Katey's going to love it when she see's it.
It is awesome to think that these young Artist's from all over the world can come together and produce collaboration's like this !!!
God Bless
Louisemusiclover ( Louise )