Sunday, November 8, 2009

This message is for all of my children.

You are beautiful beyond compare.
You are not the light in front of me,
but the light beside me that guides me there.
In life no efforts thrown to me have ever served me well.
Except your lives I've not been paid but through you
I've been paid quite well.

Let honesty be your burdon, shame be your regret.
let narrow roads be the chosen ones,
pick up the flowers as you go.
Let urgency be exposed as naught, share no weakness,
wickedness or shame.
let yourselves become as you would want to be if you were in my place.

Sell nothing, for it is all a gift given from Loving God up above.
steal nothing because those things are too gifts from the Lord above.
Waste time on loving, as much as you can.
Cry also as you can.
Dress yourself as you see yourself,
wash your face and clean your hands.

Time will be what it's going to be.
No baby waits for time.
use your time like it's urgency and with respect use your time.
A naked man wants only clothes, a starving man wants food,
a foolish man wants foolishness, be not one of those.
Take your rake do your gardening, grow a fruit you can admire

As I admit I've done just that but by accident I did acquire.

I love you all and please accept Gods blessings....

Love Dad

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