Sunday, November 8, 2009


I had to co'co'cook mommy
he said mac & cheese was not good enough.
I had to clean up after too mommy.
Why is he never satisfied?
He makes me cook for my damn kids mommy.
It makes me feel like I'm ashamed.
Then the asshole wants me to listen to him.
Makes me grow and become enraged!
Why the fuck should I cook for them?
They don't do enough for me.
Why should I ever give a shit about anyone else but me?

Momma I need yer help here mom cause you know we are the same.
just fukkin tell me how to shut them up before those assholes drive me insane!
I just want my peace and security, don't care for nothin else.
Let them live in their insecurities,
it's still better than nothing else!


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