Thursday, November 19, 2009

Seven Children

Someone will die today, someone tomorrow,
some few yesterday but where is the sorrow.
Feathers fall out all the time
even birds understand nothing ever remains.
My reason for writing this is that I miss so much,
but it's consequence not reality, not important enough.
feathers fall from a bird as do family fall from you.
once lovely is still lovely just a remnant and nothing more.
Finer days seen gatherings, slower days seen woe
nothing seen the future, nothing seen the end
Death is just a fraction of the peace that's within
Fortune is the expression of what you have left.
Narrow is the corridor, the walk you must partake.
freedom is the fantasy, so is justice and so is sake'
Eleven children borrowed me, not gonna talk about one I lost.
Seven children still own me, for that I'm glad
In narrow roads I've wandered in and in nakedness and in shame
is next road I travel on more the same or all the same??

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