Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Reality check.

I hate being beaten or tortured but I have pride.

I've been in an ongoing fight with Dawson County for a couple of years now.

They seem to think they can break me but they cant because I really don't see what their efforts can produce except to show their intentions.

Not like I haven't done time in jails and prison. I have and I make better friends behind the walls than on these streets. I have no self pride that they can touch upon. I have only one intention and that's to live or die with self respect. They can't crush that.

I came here, bought houses, paid full in cash but they have a scam. You buy the home and they take it! "pffft..." Kill me first asshole!

Nothing about anything matters to me anymore. I have said my prayers and layed down several times to die willingly in the past year. What more can I show them? I am willing to meet God. They think a spanking will change me?

I will be me because I am honest in everything, they will be them because they connive, lie, cheat and steal. I think my God is better than theirs and that's where my faith lays.

Not a thing I can do about a thief stealing or an opportunistic asshole's lies, but I can and will be me.

Blessings for the Assholes.

Assholes need blessings and help, honesty evades them.

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