Thursday, November 5, 2009

In my email a fine cover of Windmills of your mind done by Katey...

Thank you very much Katey...

Below is her info on the recording:
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This was a requested song from papitoherrera , I love Dusty and fell in love with this song, and trust me it was not an easy song to learn or record! But I have given it a go, I hope you enjoy.

Just to let you know, NONE of my recordings are done professionally. They are just recorded in my room on my computer done in one take. please feel free to comment and rate!! = )

and! If you like what you hear please subscribe!! = )

Please use the link just below her image to subscribe and enjoy her singing below.

Bonus, Big-assed Bunus too!!!

Long long time<-- only placed that line in for search engines....

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