Friday, June 26, 2009

Most incredible tool mankind has ever had...

The most incredible tool mankind has ever had is the word.

To listen, to learn, to speak to write. Those all combined can crush cities, rebuild and influence beyond measure.

One word only defined a nation in the early part of the 1970's, that word was "peace". Another word of equal measure changed the nation and that word was "Nigger". Both words held enough conceptual power to change this nation by themselves.

People bullshit you with lackey phrases like "a picture is worth 1,000 words" but the actual truth is one word is worth 100,000 pictures and you know it!

I say "fire", you remember many fires. I say "classroom", You remember many days in your classroom. and if I say "hate",you will rember what you hated.

By this I say a word is so important that it needs to be respected and by this I mean every fucking word needs to be respected.

Swears??? There are none! There is abuse, but there is no swear. Language is complete, only if it is completely used! Every word has a function, all of them.

There was a study done in England by a college student back in 1972 on the simple phrase "good day". He wrote a paper on it and described over 250 meanings of the simple term "good day" and only one of them meant have a good day. The rest meant "go kill yourself" or "go fuck yerself" or "I'm done with you now".

Being polite and talking that way with sweeter words does not change the intent, the aim or the goal. It only makes you a dishonest two-faced piece of shit too clumsy to state a point of reason as a fact and present a method in a way it holds.

Words are powerful, but most of you cheat even at using them,,,Assholes!

Thank you fer yer time an shit...

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