Monday, June 22, 2009

I don't read

I don't read or write in metaphor.
Don't sing or dance for you.
Somebody told me one day "learn to walk" I did
I walked 100 thousand miles or more, I guess I did
Then I was told to look at things and read some things,
I did
I read a million pages, wrote thousands myself, I did...
I had my art, my sex, my class. What I had became all of me.
Because I listened hard and learned real hard I became just only me.
Somebody told me to follow this world
there I drew the line

Not following into Hell I said, and then I became myself.
I did your drugs, your prison time, laid myself out on the floor.
Woke one day and decided once that the end was mine to choose.

Now I stand reported now for not being one of you?
Ass-Holes, you tried to kill me then!
What should I have chosen?

No drugs, no laws broken now, the world still at no peace.
Now I blame you and all of you because I'm not part of your game.
I stand alone, might fall alone but no bargains you get from me.
I'm just myself but finally myself and you can kiss my dead ass when it ends!!!!

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