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The story of Kings and a King…

Beginning with King Saul, who was anointed as King through the Lords Prophet Samuel.
King Saul refused to follow the instructions of The Lord, because of that The Lord lost favor in him and Samuel went out seeking another king.
He was advised to seek Jesse and to seek from him a son.
Jesse met him and invited him to dine with him that night and his sons. Samuel asked of all of Jesse’s sons would be there, but there were only six and Jesse had seven.
Samuel asked Jesse id he had any more sons. Jesse said he had a youngest son named David who watched the flocks by night.
Samuel went to the flocks in the fields and found David attending there.
After some discussion Samuel gave the blessing of The Lord to David, that he would soon be King.
Saul’s son called for David without knowledge of the blessing and brought David home to King Saul’s side.
Over the period of the  next ten years or so David became a great Warrior and jealousy brewed in Saul’s heart. Some say eventually driving him mad.
Through many complicated phases Saul sought to have David killed.
Eventually Saul and his sons died in one battle and the David was anointed as the Great King of Judah.
The story doesn’t end there. King David later saw Bathsheba  bathing (some say on a rooftop, Second Samuel 11-2 says David saw her from his rooftop. Some stories claim it was through a window). Every version told confirms David committed adultery with her and that this angered Our Lord.
For years David prayed in repentance  and suffered a great deal over that sin.
David eventually had Bathsheba’s husband (Uriah the Hettite) placed in position during a battle where he was sure to be killed. That left Bathsheba to become free to become his wife.
After that One od David's sons Amnon  raped his daughter Tamar. His other son Absalom, Amnon's half-brother and Tamar's full-brother, waits two years, then avenges his sister by sending his servants to kill Amnon at a feast to which he had invited all the king's sons.
The years now became difficult for David. Absalom took over David’s kingdom and David ended up in exile for a number of years until eventually he returned after Absalom's death.
All of this led up to the greatest King of all, the wisest man that ever lived and that would be the son of King David & Bathsheba,  King Solomon.

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NOTE: Please don't take this movie version too seriously. It's obvious that they tried, but nothing compares with the written text in The Bible. This is good, no Great as an introduction. From there you should seek more.

Thank you for reading. I cannot give Gods Blessings, but I can ask that you find them and I do and I will,,,
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