Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Full Movie Post - UFOTV® Presents : ANCIENT ILLUMINATI - Riddles In Stone

Francis Bacon has always been influential in politics between America and England. It has been said that he started what we now know as the Illuminati along with The Rosicrucian Enlightenment and The Freemasons.
It has been said that he had his hand in the layout of  streets in Washington DC, Boston and Philadelphia along with other locations to follow paths of mystical powers. Also that he was very influential in the designing of the United States government.
Another fascinating fact about him would be what is known as his pen-name “Shakespeare”. The Greek goddess Athena wore a helmet and carried a spear and the term “Shake Spear” was strongly associated with her name. It was for that reason that Bacon chose that name and he paid William Shakespeare to publically accept the responsibility as authorship of the Shakespeare writings.
You should be able to recognize Athena along with Apollo because they are the statues sitting on the roofs of most court houses in America and state buildings alike.

The reason I am posting this video is because it goes into great detail to explain all of what I just talked about above and it offers much-much more.

The video I first posted is good but it is not the one I had intended to post.
This one is the one with the info on Francis Bacon in it.

Click on bottom right corner in player to view full screen.

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