Monday, September 2, 2013

Skip Walmart and try Kmart again.

I went out looking for a pair of shoes the other day. All I was wearing at the time were a pair of sandals and no socks, so I expected to have to buy a pair before even trying a shoe on.
I never even considered Walmart for a decent shoe, so instead I tried about 4 or 5 more trendy places and after walkling for a couple hours all I saw was 3 pairs I would even wear out of all the mess of hype they had on display.
I had the cashier go and get me an over-priced decent shoe and went to get my socks. I think I had 3 choices. One was about $9 for a single pair of socks I knew would never fit or feel right, $15 for three even worse pairs or $19 for 4 or 5.
I told him I’d go and buy some socks more my speed and return to try on the shoes.
Now I was off to Walmart for a pair of Haynes, but along the way I saw a Kmart. I’ll do almost anything possible to avoid going into a walmart store, so I went in (just to buy a pair of socks).
long the way I saw 30% off on shoes and saw a pair of Craftsman all leather work boots that looked like a decent shoe rather than a boot with pants down over them. These were better than the other stores $119 boots and these were priced at $439 with 30% off, or $35 after discount.
LOL, still couldn’t find the socks though.
Looking around I saw Haynes Tee-shirts were 20% off and in bonus packs of 10 for only $15, or $12 after discount, BVD’s underwear was 9 & change with 20% off too ($7.50 +/-) and then finally I found my socks about 8 isles away from the shoes and the underwear (???). They were less than $10 for a bonus pack of ten pairs with 20% off.
All in all I bought a pair of the boots, package of each, toothpaste and a few more household items for $75. This was less than just a pair of leather boots alone at Walmart or any of those other stores. As a matter of fact, the rest of my purchases were less expensive than at Walmart too.
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