Sunday, January 13, 2013

I quick music vid made using Winamp, Milkdrip 2 & WebCamMax

I made a video tonight using Winamp, MilkDrop Visualizations (It comes bundled for free with the free current version of Winamp), and I recorded it with  WebCamMax.

One thing you should know about most screen capturing software is that with just about every program I've used you can not record internal sound from your sound card. What I always ended up doing is record the video and then overlay the sound track onto it. WebCamMax allows you to use systen sound and that's good because of syncronization between the sound and scenes.

I did this quick version to show you what you can do with next to no costs. I didn't make a production out of it. I just kept it simple and basic.

This is Danielle Dax playing The Evil Honky Stomp.