Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This is my experience.
it is the real me
no pause, no corrections, no digging into your desires orr looking for your ideas

this is me...

My writing

The way I wanna write

My insides of me

Went diown a trail on a muddy day
met children, one was I
saw what was expected then, heard the notes played out on the box
sister sprawled out, so beautifully
had light of shins acroxt her eyes
lies of lights become othe things
what kind of judge am I?
saw more than that and saw some shit, of whatever it was or wasn't

brother bit a pigeons head off after sister taught him talk
naked dragons, three came to me in 19633 or sometime close
few cherries still danglin from the tree, but who saw? I wonder as
Purple vixen came to preach in a gown of red an gold
bringing her shame alone home from me, seems I had now decided, but that don't rhyme with choice
Killed more than I dare admit, killed my own love, guess I had
Naked florence showed a world to me that only the deans had yer provide
death is time or lack of it
aunts are daughters needed a beating
grandmothers, only once did I see the heart of one that cared
young brothers Johhnnie and molesters and freaks I'll remove that line right now
where does this hate come that comes inside of me
wishes I could and I still might

walking on waters and leaves in seasons
going back into and begun, we forget errors and causes, that's why they still live when one like me would kill them silent.