Monday, April 16, 2012

Obama posts an ad for working Americans, which ones???

This really Pisses me off... This Scum-Bag reduces our work week to 35 hours for full time employment status (to reduce the numbers on the unemployment statistics), then he reduces them again to 30 hours.
More than that he goes and makes it law that people with problems be forced into the work role through programs and the guy tries to make it sound good!

The results of that we all have seen. We deal every day with people not stable enough in their own lives to be taking control of issues that effect ours and often they screw up on purpose. We pay more to train them, provide transportation for them to go into jobs that they know they have no intention of keeping more than we would ever spend on helping them.

This IDIOT has damaged our job market much more than anyone will ever know! He has traded off every school boys job to crack-heads and welfare mothers that are not equipped to take the next step on into life and in doing so he has deprived many mothers that need a fair income from finding one along with students from finding any kind of income.

How did he manage to do that?

With freakin tax incentive programs.

Why would anyone ever hire a responsible person and pay them with wages fully from the companies accounts and asset's if instead the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) would cover portions of those wages, guarantee people that don't want to be there come anyway, drive them there or pay for other transportation costs and on top of all that offer the company tax breaks for participating in the scam?

Who loses?

The people that work to survive lose because now the jobs are being taken away from us by our government, work weeks are reduced for unemployment status (but not by company standards, because you still need to pull a 40 each week for most benefits offered in company packages) and wages have been reduced to the minimum amount needed to participate in the DHHS Work First programs!

Now he salutes WHO???

This picture is titled "oh_bummer.jpg" and parts of it were not stolen but instead givin back because I got tired of hearing that crap!


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