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Hemp Oil & Foods, with Augustine & Wirtshafter (Complete Film)

Hemp Oil & Foods, with Augustine &  Wirtshafter (Complete Film)
47:53 - 4 years ago
Dietician Mary Beth Augustine,R.D. compares nutritional characteristics of Cannabis Hemp seed oil, rich in EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids)necessary to a healthy diet, with other healthy plant oils. Then Don Wirtshafter, founder of the Ohio Hempery and co-author of the first Hempseed Cookbook, tells benefits to the economy and environment from hemp agriculture. Don then hands out hemp food samples to the audience at the 2002 Cannabis Therapeutics Conference in Portland, OR. Hosted by Patients Out of Time. DVDs are available.  [See my notes below if you're interested.]

This film starts out with aspects on parenting and hemp seed oil as a nutritional supplement for babies??

Did I just say "babies"? I think I did because they did..

The topic moves quickly into common health issues involving coeliac disease, other food tolerance issues and nutrients like magnesium, calcium, potassium and high in fiber.

Later the speaker offers some of the ways in which hemp has been proven to heal, cure and releave the symptoms of many illnesses or conditions.

When I say  "releave" please don't assume that this is about making feel better of comforting the person by masking the symptoms.  In the case of physical illnesses they are talking full remedy and cure. The comfort offered by lessening the amount of discomfort I believe they are talking about mental illnesses.

I can't go into every detail of it because next to the speaker I know nothing.

This is a well done presentation, very in depth statements of the facts. There's no emotional tagging done and I usually prefer just the facts anyway (seduction belongs in the bedroom).

If you are interested in the data available related to hemp as a beneficial option that we should be allowed to use this is a good place to start!

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