Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vote NO on H.R.2164!

I received an email asking that I support H.R. 2164.
I am not sure when the last time was that an email pissed me off so much.
It also asked that I ask my friends to support it... "pfft"
Below is a screen cap of the email and my reply. Below that there will be a link for you to join me in opposing this yourself, with that I'll post my reasons for being against it.
Click on pic to view full sized please?

Here is the petition that I signed and sent in myself (my statement is at the bottom, the rest was written on the  form by someone else).
August 9, 2011

Dear Representative Smith:
Dear Senator Nelson:
Dear Senator Johanns:

I urge you to oppose H.R.2164, the so-called "Legal Workforce Act."

Last month, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a victory for states, allowing them to require employers to use E-Verify or lose their business licenses.

Congress had years to make the E-Verify program mandatory to stop companies from intentionally hiring illegal aliens, but they refused to act, causing honest employers to suffer and criminal businesses to thrive.

Suddenly, after the Supreme Court has ruled, Congress wants to get into the game -- and for no good purpose. A vote for H.R.2164 will earn you the enmity of both liberals and conservatives.

Do the right thing. Vote NO on H.R.2164!

Those above are not my reasons, mine are mentioned below.

"I oppose any form of electronic eligibility verification for employment requirement. I also oppose the laws that would restrict any persons ability to earn what he or she needs to survive. Laws like this are meant to cause only harm and even though they sprinkle up the bill with a few sweet ideas and offer up a few pluses. When it's passed it becomes as abused as all of the others have been.I can see this law being used to restrict the type of employment opportunities for even natural citizens and being used to filter out the classes and further define the limits of advancement for all. H.R. 2164 is not a law intended to protect. It is only a law of governing and we have too many of those types of laws already in place , being abused right now!"


Mr. David Rice
[my street] St
[my city/state]

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