Thursday, June 23, 2011

Great Legalization Debates of 2012 [Round One]

Great Legalization Debates of 2012 (Round one)
This is a cap from the Great Legalization Debates of 2012 Debate, I know the audio's kinda bad and the vid's not that great either.
That's not even the point. The point is we had it and will continue to have more and this will not go silent.
For those of you who lead, c'mon and lead. For those of you that follow. Follow now or follow later, but you eventually will follow.
You might follow whren a parent, loved one or child has cancer and you hear that there was a cure (Yes Marijuana contains Hemp Oil, Hemp Oil can and will cure cancer. But only if you don't get tossed in jail trying to).
You might join when you find out that the corn based fuel is far to expensive to grow and the chemicals used to grow it are too toxic for our soil and you need more fuel.
Or you just might wait and let the rest of us suckers do all the fighting for you and then it becomes common theme to support it, like so many other times in the past, but you Will Join us in this effort. You will because eventually you'll have to or you'll just do it because it'll be easier than avoiding it any longer.

Yes, this Debate was important for all of us, all the coming debates will be also and in the future the sound will be better, lighting will be better and some big fat cheese eatin sweaty good for nothing punk will try to sell it to you like it was his idea all along.
No good waiting, because here it is now. Get on at the beginning anmd join us, to help us bring this Nation back into the role of leadership, of the people, for the people and by the people (like it once was)

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