Monday, June 6, 2011

[Full Film Post] The Doors - The Soft Parade

The Doors
The Soft Parade (1991)
"Info posted below the film, enjoy..."

This film is in HQ flv [download it here], but if you want Divx avi or mpeg version send me email requesting it and I'll send it to you for free.

This film was made using input from all the band members. What results is a film that shows the real Jim Morrison and the other band members. 

What surprised me the most was the way that they all obviously worked together to make the music what it was, rather than the media's bullshit story about it just being an accident that they all "just happened tyo meet" and Jim Just happened to get lucky and things "just happened" that resulted in bringing us the music of The Doors.

BULLSHIT! and I've always known it to be bullshit.

First of all, that loud mouthed and opinionated radio disk jockey is the first Media Whore. Most often it is through that little self loving, yet useless wannabe that we first hear of a band , and they do it at a high cost. They lie, exaggerate, over emphasize, slander and those sluts make a damn good living doing it. Which by the way is their version of "doin it" is expressing opinions on things and people they basically know nothing about.

Do I sound pissed? Damn right I am. I turned my American Radio off almost 20 years ago just to keep myself from killin some of the punks.

Anyway, with that off my chest I hope you watched the film and in doing so I hope you noticed that they worked hard to make that music and deserve full credit for every bit of effort in doing so.

IMDB says this about the film, on this page [here] too...

User rating: Ten stars out of 10
"This documentary is so awesome because it does so very well at showcasing Jim Morrison and his legendary band The Doors at their absolute best with their last televised performance in 1969. It also has an excellent, fun look into their private archives as well as very interesting and insightful interviews. It is in this documentary that you get an awesome look at The Doors as entertainers and as real people. If you're a fan, then this one is most definitely for you."

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