Saturday, February 26, 2011

[Movie) Collapse by Michael C. Puppert

I had just watched Collapse on Netflix and was amazed at the amount of information contained in it. Michael C. Puppert is a very intelligent and straight forward speaking with an almost flawless ability to  share information in a way that's easy to understand and follow, without overloading it with all the hyped up drama that so many others resort to to mask over the holes and blanks and still keep your attention focused on them. 

I can't keep talking on and on about the subject because the film covers it all anyway. I will though tell you that I ran a Google Video Search on the film after watching it because I wanted an offline copy for my collection. from there I found it hosted on Disclose.TV on this page, then from there I copied the embed codes for the following two parts. After snagging them I went further and searched for more information on Michael C. Ruppert and found his site called "Collapse Network - A Voice For The Future". 

I think you're gonna like the film, so enjoy...

                         - Collapse (part 1) Video

                         - Collapse (part 2) Video

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