Monday, December 27, 2010

Foo Fighters 1995

For Sister Lea, The Foo Fighters Self Titles Album from 1995, The Foo Fighters.

01. This Is A Call.
02. I'll Stick Around.

03. Big Me.mp3.

04. Alone + Easy Target.

05. Good Grief.

06. Floaty.

07. Weenie Beenie.

08. Oh, George.

09. For All The Cows, [sorry, but this one's only 128 kbp].

10. X-Static.

11. Watershed

12. Exhausted.

My comments on this album are exactly none. I never heard it because at the time of its release there was something going on in my family to do with health issues and I just didn't even notice it came out. 

As it says above this post is for my sister, to share it with her. I'll probably listen to it one day but tonight I'm busy.

Enjoy it Lea.


NOTE: If some of the players fail to load, it is not in my html, it's something with 4Shared. I just went over every aspect of it and found it to be embedded properly and they all should work. The titles are still download links, use them that way if you need to.

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