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[movie] 2012 posted for Sister Lea, with tech tips on saving.

Little Sista Lea I hope this is the right 2012, didn't have time to try it, but you can....

Some tips follow but first this.

Install DivX first and then do nothing. [With this along with all the others (Don't let them install YaHell Toolbar,make their site your home page, because they just do that for fake hit counts anyway and don't let them add Bling or any other bullshit], after installatin that go on and install Orbit Downloader and Ant. Orbit as I told you on the phone is faster but you sacrifice some in quality because they don't let you save the High Quality AVI most of the time. Instead you get the FLV version of the film from the web feed.. Ant gives you the AVI. Orbit is still better for FLV like on YouTube, Ant is same speed too, but I like Orbits way of renaming the file for me. "better on my typin finger that way"

After all that then shut down FireFox, Did I mention that I know nothing about doing this stuff on Internet Explorer? I have no experience to offer on Internet Explorers way of doing this stuff. I aint touched Internet Ex-Explorer in about 8 years. Get FireFox if you expect this stuff to work as well for you as it does for me.

Later if you want, after you restart "FireFox" you can install Veoh if you want. You don't really need it with the others, but it is better if you plan on downloading 18 movies all at once and don't mind waiting a few days to see them.

Illimitux works only with FireFox as a plugin and sometimes it don't even load up all the time. [F 5], [F 5], [F 5] a few times to reload the page and it should eventually catch it on the rare occasion that it didn't. It only lets you watch the movie in full, Orbit or Ant snag it for you.

Lea, I need to upload the converters stuff and I'll hit that after a reboot. Come back tomorrow and I'll post them here. In the mean time FormatFactory works great but it doesn't give you a good DivX compliant codec that will work on all DivX based players. Mine does.. . . . "umm......, Oh-yea,,, " DivX converter that comes with the first install way the hell up there sucked when I tried it, but have at it kid. It might like you more than it likes me...

Software next, movie way down bottom...

DivX 6.8.4 (20.2 MB)  ---> [Download Here], you probably shouldn't update it often or you'll end up with a payment-plan version eventually.

Orbit Downloader.
"Orbit Downloader, leader of download manager revolution, is devoted to new generation web (web2.0) downloading, such as video/music/streaming media from Myspace, YouTube, Imeem, Pandora, Rapidshare, support RTMP. And to make general downloading easier and faster."

Download from Their site [] for free. No Download link here because I want you to read the info on it too so I won't have to try to walk you through it.

(As with the this pic and all the others, right click on it and select "open in a new tab" to make it easier to read the info on it. Close tab when done an you autta still be here after/)

Ant Downloader

"Is the add-on / toolbar 100% safe?
    Our add-on is safe. It was verified by trusted companies such as Norton and McAfee. Our code was inspected by anti-malware Spybot S & D too. We recommend using them on your system in addition to our add-on.
I have installed the video downloader, but I don't see it?
    Close your browser and restart it, the toolbar should now appear.
How do I download a clip from a video page?
    Look for the DOWNLOAD button in the toolbar, clicking it should launch the download.
    If the button is not activated you might have to click the play button in the video first.
    If it still doesn't work, try closing the page, open it again, play the video, then click the download button from our video downloader.
How can I watch those clips that I have downloaded?
    You can play them directly from your browser, by clicking the PLAYER button in the toolbar.
Are the videos downloaded to my hard drive?
    Yes they are saved and stored on your computer's hard drive.
Where can I find the video files?
    Click the EXPLORE button in the toolbar, there are all the videos you have downloaded. "
Download it [Here].

(Same right click message as above pic.)

This is the Veoh site. You might want their Video Compass because it allows you to both watch and save vids on Veoh, also it will download them for you at many other sites in H.Q> avi format [Here].

Illimitux 4.0
(This is a plugin for FireFox, it might worl with Internet Explorer, but I wouldn't know because I won't use I.E."

"The Illimitux extension removes limitations imposed by some streaming platforms like MegaVideo, Veoh or MegaUpload. With Illimitux, you can view these videos without any restrictions.

When Illimitux detects a compatible site, a message will appear and offer to disable limitations.

For example, you can view more than 72 minutes of video on MegaVideo, automatically fill MegaUpload's captcha code, play videos longer than 5 minutes on Veoh- without installing Veoh TV- and many other things."
[Download Here].

Now the Movie....

2012 Doomsday (2008)

The end is nigh in this apocalyptic disaster film that mixes Christian values, Mayan mythology, and scientific theories about polar shifts. When four strangers journey into Mexico in 2012, they are drawn into ancient mysteries that foretell the coming of the End Times. [D-Man2010]

The final day on the Mayan calendar finds four faithful strangers convening at an ancient temple in the heart of Mexico in this apocalyptic thriller starring Cliff De Young and Dale Midkiff. Centuries ago, the Mayans set a date for the end of time: December 21, 2012. Now that date is upon us, and NASA scientists have noted that a catastrophic polar shift is about to occur. Could it be that an ancient Mexican temple holds the key to unlocking the secret that could protect humankind from total extinction?

From those Folks at IMDb's page [HERE]

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