Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mott The Hoople still kickin ass in 09!

Ian Hunter, Mick Ralphs, Verden Allen, Dale Griffin and Overend Watts together and still hammering it out live at The Hammersmith, Apollo on October 1'st 2009.

If you're a fan of Motth The Hoople you got to get out there and buy this album. It is well refined and defined and I'm sure those boys put a lot into putting this out there for us (their audience).

Nuff said. If yer a regular here you should by now know the degree of respect I have for this band.
Here posted are a couple of my favorite tracks from that show. More can be had with the purchase of the album...

I wish I was your mother...

You can sing with me on this next one...
"Well your body it is broken in so many different ways
And when i stoop to find your head, well it disappeared in haze.
Your blood flows like the finest juice - the kiss of burgundy
And where it comes from no one knows, but where it's going i can't see

Angeline, oh my Angeline
My sweet Angeline - (ya'know) you have rendered me unseen
I would cry a million smiles for my Indian city queen
A cardboard kite, crystal clear attacked me from my plain and I think that I am going mad among the swollen state. Oh rescue me or bury me for i care not what you do. There is just one thing that i want to say am i really you"

Sweet Angeline...

All in all 22 tracks on the complete set, Ihese two in the United States are the least commonly played but still my favorites. I hope you liked em...

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