Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How to make your own Karaoke film for free plus a few for free.

My daughter is in the 4th grade and they are having a student concert on Friday night. The songs her class are singing are Earth Angel, Rockin Robin and Splish Splash. I had no trouble finding Earth Angel or Rockin Robin in FLV format as a sing-a-long type thing but Splish Splash without the farting baby in it was just not out there to be found at all. So I decided to some way make one.

Here's how I went about it...

First I downloaded four higher rated programs and played with each for over an hour trying to get results. AVSVideoConverter gave me the best of them all but it was only a trial version and it left a logo directly in the center of the vid making it unable to follow the lyrics. Another program called WinCDGPro3.0 was awesome but in close to two hours I could not find a way to save my project in any other format other than a playlist file on my computer and I needed this in AVI to burn it onto a disc with. The other two were likewise hyped up crap.

Just as I was getting ready to give up I decided to try two older progs that I have that have treated me well. One is VLC Media Player and the other was Format Factory.
I know I could have used a regular midi or mp3 file and typed into a file my own lyrics under several file formats and used them that way but I was nearing or passed hour five working at this so thinking it would not work I tried this anyway. I did a news group post search for Splish Splash in both CDG and MP3 formats and I loaded them into VLC. Great, it worked but still no good because it played both files simultaneously as one and in the details I found that it had 9 video tracks and the stereo MP3 track all running at once. This would leave me without anything workable to record to DVD.

After about twenty minutes I got it though. First I'm going to "try" to show you how, then I'll post my Karaoke/vid and the other two even if it is just for S**ts & Giggles.

Hope you likes it. If you don't then lie and say you did. I'll never tell on ya.

Starting here. If the images are too small to read, right click on
and select "Open in a new tab" or window.

Adding the MP3 file and selecting the output folder.
(Where it'll end up later when yer done)
Now add the CDG file or the captions file that you made.

Convert it to Avi format to burn to DVD.
The file should be ready now. If you want to convert it back to a
size FLV to post on the web, just reload
it and change the output settings and save.

Now my project and the other two since I ran on so much about em anyway...

Bobby Darin - Splish Splash (Karaoke File)

Jackson 5 - Rockin Robin (with Lyrics)

The Penguins - Earth Angel (With Lyrics)

The progs links again
(the text tags work too...)

VLC Media Player (Free Prog) [LINK]
FormatFactory (Free Prog) [LINK]
AVSVideoConverter (Try and then you buy, but decent results) [LINK]
WinCDGPro (Expensive but amazing features) [LINK]

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