Friday, March 12, 2010

Todd Rundgren, the original one man band

Todd Rundgren is a pretty remarkable artist. I'm not sure if he was the solo performer on all of his music but I do know that he played every instrument on at least some of his tracks. That to me at that time was something that I admired about him. Following this is a little bit of the Wiki page on him, the rest of that page is located [here] for you to continue reading, if you like...

"After leaving Nazz in 1969, Rundgren alternated production work for other groups with his career as a recording artist. In 1970 he formed the 'band' Runt, consisting of Hunt Sales on drums, his brother Tony Sales on bass (sons of slapstick US TV kiddie show pioneer Soupy Sales and future members of David Bowie's band and Tin Machine) and Rundgren himself, who wrote, produced, sang and played guitars, keyboards and other instruments. Whether Runt can really be described as a band, or simply as a pseudonym for Rundgren as a solo artist is a little cloudy: for their first album, (1970's Runt) the group seems to be a definite trio, but for their second (1971's Runt: The Ballad of Todd Rundgren), Hunt Sales plays only on two tracks and is replaced by N.D. Smart on the rest of the album. Furthermore, only Rundgren is pictured on the covers of both albums, and both albums have been subsequently reissued with the same titles and cover art, but bearing the artist credit "Todd Rundgren".

Whether a solo artist or a band, "Runt" had a #20 hit in the U.S. with "We Gotta Get You a Woman" in 1970, and two other Runt songs placed in the lower reaches of the Hot 100."

Can we still be friends

We Gotta Get You A Woman

Hello, it's me

Todd Rundgren hello its me

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