Sunday, March 28, 2010

Origami Rose (the best and longest version so far)

This one is offered in two versions. Regular version is for you, slowed down version is for me (I'm a little slow at this stuff).

Regular version:
NOTE: This one is 26 minutes long, LOL

Easier to follow, slowed down version:

Quote from page...
"As I don't have the 10 minute limit anymore and so many people keep whining about the other origami rose vid (design by Toshikazu Kawasaki) being too fast, I thought why not test my new camera and do a new quick origami rose vid without too much editing. Also convenient if you can't fall asleep... just watch the endless pre-creasing for this origami rose :D
Would those whining people also be brave enough to tell me they still can not make it even with this super slow motion ultra high resolution origami rose vid - just as I predicted??? ; )"

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