Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Natural curiosities and demands beyond me brought me here.
To this space in time that seems to own me now.
Reflections cannot be explained in this.
No reasoning or balance ever defined any of this.
Red flowers are poison but the sweetest.
How would I know, what do you expect of me?
My hands ripped open, all I do is bleed,
I grasp at silver, only find reeds.
Mistaken I may or might have been, but Suzanne I loved you and always will.
For nights I cried, for days I feared, it's so hard to say this, but somehow you were there.
If you were an island and I along shore, you never did allow me to fail.
You kept me afloat and brought me in and gave me some hope.

Nothing can change this now, both of you are dead.
Memories will never solve anything, I miss you and my Son
Particles and fragrances, the things that we went through,
aspects of the memories....

I still Love You too Sue.

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