Sunday, January 10, 2010


People say I'm a strange attack, conflict with everything I know.
People say the damdest things, I'd like to kill most that I've known.
Me? I nothing special you see.
I'm called a brute or tough on tougher terms.
Some, a few know the realest me, Barb yer one of them.
I fight and fight the world it seems because it doesn't agree with me.
Still I stand, I am a man and I defend what's inside me.
In brush with stain we turn pine into oak, or do we?
A fukkin lie is a fukkin lie and a liar needs to fall.
I'm nothing, I'm worthless. I disgrace even myself.
But I'll still fight or die fighting for what I know is to be right!

Nothing to the end of this, not a word nor sir, but a law is law, that's my only acceptance, My Lord and my only God!

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