Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hidden system information & more.

When you go to a site this is only a portion it describes what operation system you are using tells about about you, what type of C.P.U. you are using, what brand peripherals, your directory tree, and what looks like.

That would be how many hard drives you are running and how full or empty they are. Beyond that of the information supplied to the webmaster about you and your computer. Amongst this included is your home address which can be easily be traced by anyone using Google maps [see here and sign up for a free log on name to access], the page that you came to the site and the page you left the site to go to on to exit from.

I tell you this because if you think you can just browse illegal content again then forget it. News has just been released that most if not all hackers work with the government to help track you rather than face prosecution. They freely trade these logs with law enforcement because numbers are the key. If one guy can net 5,000 arrests, that one guy walks and the others pay the price.

Trick is don't break the laws...

Small example here...

Snaged from [here]

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